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Welcome to my site!

Being a Cruise Director has been my dream since I was a young boy. I can still remember my first cruise aboard the MS Sunbird. From that day on, I fell in love with the sea. 

Traveling the world, performing and leading a fantastic team is truly an honour. You can always join in by listening to my podcast, Keeping Afloat, as well as by following me on instagram. 

I am honoured to be able to work with and lead amazing teams that are able to entertain so many people. Everyone has their story, and I am excited to learn more about yours.

Travel safe, 




Life is an ever evolving story. My story has taken me to all sorts of places, from Bridgetown, Barbados to Copenhagen, Denmark. These are some pictures of my story - from travels with my family, to working on board and going on my own adventures.

Toronto, ON, Canada

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